Our Philosophy

 Take a moment to feel good

In today's busy energetic world we believe we all need a gentle reminder to take a moment to restore our minds and our bodies, to balance yang and yin.

We believe we have a duty to take care of the natural world around us and in turn can benefit from all the wonderful ways nature takes care of us. 

How we make our products

Plant Based Dyeing

Our linen is dyed in small batches using plant based dyes such as turmeric, beetroot, madder root and logwood flowers. This means there are no nasty substances or unnecessary extras (no metals, chemicals, pollutants).

So they are kind to your skin as well as being kind to nature, helping you to feel good.

Chemical dyes, pollutants and excessive water usage make the textile design industry one of the most polluting industries. By dyeing small batches of fabric using botanical dyes there is very little waste and no chemicals are needed.

The hand dyeing process means each batch and each product might be slightly different in colour but all equally beautiful and totally unique. The colour may soften and fade over time, so we recommend keeping out of direct sunlight.

Organic Linen

The inner and outer cases are both made from 100% organic, unbleached linen. Organic Linen is biodegradable and grows quickly without pesticides. It doesn't leach minerals from the soil and the fabric production uses little water, making it one of the most sustainable fabric available.

To top it off, linen is really durable and softens and fades beautifully over time. So your eye pillow will get softer and softer with each use.



Using the ideas behind aromatherapy wisdom we have combined together whole plant ingredients that can uplift the mind and senses, ease anxiety and calm the nervous system. 

We have created energising combinations which help to clear the mind and stimulate concentration and focus. The prefect addition to a morning ritual or meditation. 

The calming combinations promote emotional balance and a feeling of well being, great for a 'pick me up' any time of day.

Our sleepy scents are designed to relax and soothe the mind, helping you drift off into a peaceful sleep. 

Switchable Fillers

Our aromatherapy fillers are designed to switch in and out of the eye pillow case to reflect your mood or the time of day. 

Chose the scent which appeals to you most at that time, then switch when your mood changes, this way you can keep one case but still enjoy different scent combinations throughout the day.



We like to think of these eye pillows as a physical reminder to take a moment to relax. A little nudge to take a moment for yourself.

We're all getting busier and busier, so it's more important than ever to slow down, unwind and recharge.