Why use an eye pillow?

There are many reasons to use an eye pillow, the gorgeous scent is just one of them!


Gentle Pressure 

The bulk ingredients of our eye pillows are flax, millet or buckwheat, these small grains shape to the contours of the eyes. Applying gentle pressure around the eye socket they relieve tension in the face and around the eyes, encouraging overall relaxation.



Calm The Mind & Soothe The Nerves

Stress and tension manifest in the body and after a difficult day at work, school or in general the nervous system can become agitated leaving you feeling unsettled and anxious.

Using aromatherapy wisdom we have mixed whole plant ingredients together in different combinations for various therapeutic purposes.

The soothing scents of our eye pillows help to relieve stress and anxiety, calm the nerves and help you to relax at the end of the day. 


Soothing & Cooling Treatments

Computer screens and televisions can put a great deal of strain on the eyes.

Eye pillows can be gently heated to help soothe tired eyes or cooled down relieve headaches and puffy eyes.

The aromatic scent of the plants and herbs can help to relax the mind and take away the tiring effects of a long day. 



Enhance Meditation

Our eye pillows are designed large enough to totally cover the eyes, blocking out light and external distractions.

Eye pillows are often used in meditation to help focus the mind. The scented fillers also help to promote feelings of calm and relaxation, enhancing the meditation practice.



More Peaceful Sleep

In today's busy world it can be hard to get to sleep, we often head to bed with a restless or over active mind.

Our sleepy scents encourage relaxation and help to relieve stress. The weight of an eye pillow can help to relax the face especially any tension held around the eyes, helping you drift off into a deeper, more restful sleep.